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How to Improve Your Vacation Rental’s Guest Reviews

Added: Jun 10, 2022
Category: Vacation Rental

Everyone knows it's essential to have good guest reviews if you want to expand your business. At the same time, you can’t expect to avoid negative feedback. When people visit your property, all kinds of things can go wrong, and sometimes they will. Maybe, for instance, the refrigerator in your rental stops running minutes after your guests arrive. While maintaining your appliances is crucial, you can’t always plan for sudden problems. Occasionally, you may host guests who just tend to be picky in their tastes. The reasons will vary, but it’s fair to say you can count on receiving constructive criticism.

When this happens the first time, you won’t likely worry. However, a round of poor or mixed reviews can be highly concerning. If you want to improve your vacation rental’s guest reviews, try these tips:

Make it a Habit to Respond to Guests 

Guests take the time to post negative reviews for a reason. Yes, they’re frustrated and often eager to vent, but they’re also trying to communicate. Your guests want to feel heard, so it’s always best to respond to their feedback. People take vacations to get away from the stress they experience in their daily lives. If something interrupted their trip, a genuine apology can go a long way. Remember: whatever problem occurred may not have been your doing, but it still affected your guests. If they don’t want to return, that’s a problem you should want to resolve. Also, try not to copy and paste the same response for each guest. Treat every situation individually, and be sure to respond to both positive and negative reviews.  

Don’t Just Promise Change. Take Action. 

Many vacation rental owners make the mistake of promising improvement, then failing to deliver results. You may think that if one guest doesn’t come back, it won’t hurt your business. In today’s world, your vacation rental’s guest reviews are more important than you realize. One negative review can influence hundreds of potential guests, especially if pictures are included. If someone tells you the microwave isn’t warming food, replace it. If the room is drafty at night, stock the closet with extra blankets. If the paint is peeling, get it fixed or re-paint the room. In the long run, these small investments will pay off when you receive more positive reviews (and more guests). 

Hire a Company to Manage Your Vacation Rental’s Guest Reviews 

It’s not always easy to find the time to manage your rental property. Some people own vacation rentals in addition to working a full-time job, and they’re too busy to monitor reviews. An expert property management company can take this off your plate. Almost all of your visitors will read your vacation rental’s guest reviews before they make a commitment. With a property management company, you’ll be able to improve your reputation without lifting a finger. Plus, your guests will be more satisfied. It’s a win-win situation!

At Kingfisher Vacations, we provide high-quality property management services for vacation rental home owners in Sanibel and Captiva, FL. If there’s anything you need, we can get it done! We’ll also monitor and respond to your vacation rental’s guest reviews. 

Partner with Kingfisher Vacations to Give Your Vacation Rental’s Guest Reviews a Boost

Searching for more ways to improve your vacation rental’s guest reviews? Our experts at Kingfisher Vacations are here to assist you in marketing your property in Sanibel and Captiva Islands. We have over 56 years of experience in the vacation rental industry and can offer you the absolute best service given our vast knowledge of the area. Our gorgeous private properties have heated pools, hot tubs, stunning ocean views, delightfully bright décor, and boat docks. We provide you with everything you could ever want for your property. Visit our website, email us at info@gokingfisher.com or give us a call today at 239-472-2100.

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